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Bnature Fibre Plus   

Bnature Fibre Plus   

Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative. This means it soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements much easier. It also helps promote regularity without increasing flatulence. It can be used as a one-off to ease constipation, or it can be added to your diet to help promote regularity and overall digestive health.

Natural Psyllium Husk & Dietart Fibres Botanical Beverage Mix

  • with Ginger as digestive aid & polydextrose as Pre-Biotic

  • Delicious orange flavor

  • Suitable for diabetics


Oat fibre, wheat fibre, psyllium husk, ginger powder, β-Carotene, Maltodextrin, Stevia leaves extract, natural citrius flavor, senna leaves extract. Contains permitted food conditioner


Take one sachet, once to twice daily. Pour content (10g) into 200ml of cool water, shake or stir well. Drink immediately


Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool and dry place.

                                 Per 100g                              Per serving 10g

Energy                        375 kcal                                   38 kcal

Fat                              0.6g                                        0.1g

Protein                         4.1g                                        0.4g

Carbohydrate               88.3g                                      8.8g

Dietary                        25.2g                                      2.5g

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