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Bnature Rejoin-C

Move Freely, Live Fully

Bnature Rejoin-C

Bnature Rejoin-C is joint formula that contain natural collagen type 2 that  promote cell growth, help with repairing and replacing synovial fluids between joints.

It also contain pomegranate powder which is a powerful antioxidant.

Tiger Milk Mushroom is a health tonic that strengthen your body.

Serving Suggestion
1 sachet daily or as professionally recommended

Direction of use
Mix one sachet of Bnature Rejoin-C with 100 ml of water, any of your favourite berages or as soft foods. Amount of honey and sugar may be added to suit individual taste

Nutritional Information

Serving per package: 30 Sachets x 6g

Serving Size            : 1 sachets (6g)

                                                 Per 100g                                 Per Sachet (6g)
Energy                                          370kcal                                2.2kcal

Protein                                             83.7g                                5g

Carbohydrate                                     8.1g                                0.5g

Fat                                                    0.3g                                0g


Colagen Hydrolysate (Gelita), Prebiotic Oligofructose (FOS), Pomegranate Powder, Tiger Milk Mushroom

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